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Howard & Howard wins big on business real estate litigation (Thursday, July 13, 2017)

Our experienced Peoria, IL based litigation team of Joseph VanFleet, Tim Gronewold and Tom Howard, celebrated a huge victory by winning a motion that avoided a long drawn-out trial for their client.
The client, once one of the largest contractors in Central Illinois, had long since retired and wanted to purchase a business and a parcel of real estate for his children. He placed a good faith offer on the property and business, which was accepted, but later the seller changed his mind and refused to go through with the sale. That is when Howard & Howard’s litigation team became involved, and diligently enforced his rights to purchase the property. A case like this typically would involve a long drawn-out trial in which each side would present its proofs as to why the property should or should not be ordered sold. Instead, Howard & Howard’s litigation team successfully researched and argued that there was no material issue of fact and that the property was “unique,” and therefore, should be ordered sold as originally agreed to by the parties.
The judge agreed, noting that the argument was particularly well laid-out in Howard & Howard’s brief, and after considering the record and affidavits, he saw no material question of fact in either the underlying case or the affirmative defenses raised. The Court also quashed opposing counsel’s repeated arguments to keep the case afloat by stating that they had not brought forth any authority the Court had not already seen. The Court further noted that Howard & Howard’s written material thoroughly identified all relevant facts and law, and that such candor was appreciated, and served the Plaintiff well.
Congratulations to the client and our litigation team in Peoria - Joseph VanFleet, Tim Gronewold and Tom Howard!